Move Management & Concierge
Move Management & Concierge Move Management & Concierge Move Management & Concierge

Move Management & Concierge

Our concierge approach to move management brings a refined touch to every aspect of the relocation process. In addition to unparalleled project management, your dedicated team is available to support your every need with a comprehensive suite of concierge services. From coordinating vendors and realtors to researching local service providers and schools, our experts focuses on logistics so you can move without having to rearrange your life or keep track of a lengthy to-do list. We welcome the opportunity to tailor our move management services in any way necessary to help you simplify and enhance your life.


We believe the secret to a successful moving experience is proper planning and management. It’s why we assign a dedicated move specialist to each client. Our hand-picked team is specially trained in the art of move management and client satisfaction. We manage every move or home reorganization project as if it were its own small business, complete with a budget, strategic timeline and a customized plan designed to meet your unique goals.

  • Move Planning- Whether you’re moving in two weeks or two years, our move specialists are ready and willing to help orchestrate your best move yet. We are prepared to handle every challenge of your relocation, from transferring your cable services and transporting your wine collection to setting up your new coffee station.
  • Lifestyle-Driven Space Planning- Our space planning services extend far beyond how and where to arrange the furniture. For us, it’s about ensuring that every inch of your home plays its role in balancing your past, current and future lifestyle. Through our unique process, we work to fully grasp how your needs have evolved throughout life’s many phases, and how they’ll continue to evolve as you move forward. It’s this understanding that allows us to translate those needs into a home that tells your story thus far, while settings the scene for your next act.
  • Floor Planning- Informed by our unique understanding of your lifestyle, Let’s Move will create a floor plan of your new or existing home that fits the way you want to live. Our plan takes into consideration all your possessions to create a comfortable, functional and beautiful new space.


The process of moving can seem like a never-ending stream of to-dos— so many that it can be easy to forget a small, but important detail like changing your address. Your personal Let’s Move concierge specialist accounts for every single detail, no matter how small. You can rest assured that by the time you’ve moved into your new home and settled into your favorite chair with the morning paper and a cup of coffee, not one element has been overlooked (not even your favorite creamer).

  • Packing and Purging- Our approach to packing and purging gets to the heart of what you need and what you don’t need. We’ll carefully transport the possessions that are important to your lifestyle and make sure the items you no longer need go to the right place, whether that be to family and friends, consignment shops, estate sales or a local charity.
  • Unpacking and Home Setup- We know just where you like to sip your morning coffee or curl up with your favorite book. We know what items should be in your bedside table and what cooking tools you use most when preparing your evening meals. So when you open the door to your new home and begin to settle into your new space, you’ll feel as though you’ve been here all along.
  • Home Services Transition- While you’re enjoying your new home, Let’s Move will arrange for every last detail to be handled, from shutting off your phone and transferring utilities, to making extra copies of your new key. We also work with trusted painters, carpenters, cleaners and any other specialists you may need to help turn your new house into a new home.