Shoe Organization 101
Shoe Organization 101

Shoe Organization 101

Heels. Wedges. Ballet flats. Boots. Everyone knows the right pair of shoes can take an outfit from blah to ooh la la. But if your closet is overflowing with pairs of shoes you don’t even wear, or you can never find the shoes you want, it’s probably time to purge and reorganize. Here are some tips for creating a shoe collection you’ll love to “shop” day in and day out.

 Evaluate your space. Take a look at your closet … how much space do you actually have for your shoes? Let this serve as your practical guide for how many shoes you should realistically keep.

Pare down your pairs. Pull all your shoes out, and go through them pair by pair. If they’re broken or way past their prime (with scuff marks or threads coming undone), toss them. If they’re in good shape, but you just don’t need them anymore, put them in the Giveaway or Donate pile. Only keep the shoes you wear on a regular basis; the ones you love and make you feel good.

Pro tip: Take your shoes to your next Swap Party or donate them to an organization like Soles for Souls.

Think seasonally. If shoes are just your “thing,” and you can’t fathom the idea of parting with your sole mates, divide your shoe collection by season, and store them accordingly. When fall and winter starts, store your spring and summer collection under the bed or the guest bed and vice versa. This way, your closet is always in-season.

Choose a system. There are SO many ways you can organize your shoes. If you have built-in shoe shelves, you’re in luck. If you have nothing but a clothing rod in your closet, no problem. We love the many shelving options to accommodate all closet and shoe-collection sizes. And if you’re still tight on shoe space, consider the following options:

  • Store flats and sandals in clear drawers on the floor or on a shelf in your closet
  • Get more out of your closet space, with these space-saving Hanging Shoe Organizers (they’re great for scarves and clutches too)
  • Boots are awkward to store … everyone knows that! So why not hang them (yes, hang them) while helping them keep their shape. Check it out.
  • If you live in a really small space, your bed might just be the storage spot you’re looking for.

Use your entryway/mudroom! Rain boots, your go-to sandals and kids’ shoes can easily be stored in your entryway closet for easy access on your way out the door. Or invest in a bench with shoe storage underneath, for a chic look and, bonus, extra sitting room.

Be a selective shoe shopper. This is perhaps the most important part of getting your shoe collection under control — and keeping it that way. Next time you’re at the store and that ah-mazing pair of heels makes your heart start to flutter, ask yourself three questions: Do you have an occasion to wear them? Are they comfortable? Do you have room? Make sure you can answer all three of these with a firm yes before pulling out the credit card.

We know you’ll be amazed at how a well-organized shoe collection can dramatically improve your getting-ready experience in the mornings. Find more shoe-organization inspiration on our Pinterest board!

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