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Sell It Now Series Part 1: 10 Tips for Creating Curb Appeal

Sell It Now Series Part 1: 10 Tips for Creating Curb Appeal

This is the first in a five-part blog series called Sell It Now. Our goal? To arm you with the home staging tips and knowledge you need help you sell your home fast and for the price you want. First up, creating curb appeal.

Whether a prospective buyer discovers your listing online, while driving down your street or with the help of a realtor, the first thing they’ll see is your home’s exterior. And according to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of homebuyers will drop by after viewing a home they like online.  So it goes without saying that the better your home looks on the outside, the more people will be lined up to see what’s inside. Here are 10 simple, cost-effective ways our accredited home staging team helps home sellers create show-stopping (and showing-generating) home exteriors.

  1. Declutter your yard. This is the first rule of home staging and it applies to your front and backyard as well. Store your bikes in the garage, bring the mail in each day and put garden tools back in the shed after each use. Pick up loose branches and get rid of that sad-looking potted plant you walk by every day.
  2. Paint. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in giving a home’s exterior new life. If painting your whole home isn’t in the budget, invest in giving the front door, garage doors, shutters and trim a fresh coat. Browse home magazines and Pinterest for inspiration and new trends.
  3. Clear the roof and gutters. Take a good look at your roof. Is it missing shingles? Are there branches and leaves everywhere? A stray ball your kids or grandkids accidentally threw up there? It’s an often-neglected part of your home, but from the street and in photos, a tidy roof shows you take care of your home, which is what buyers are most interested in. Bonus: This will also help minimize potential issues come inspection time.
  4. Take a number. If your home’s address numbers are difficult to see, outdated or hanging by a thread, it might be worth making this relatively small investment. Not only will new address numbers make your house easier to find for realtors and prospective buyers, it can also help make your home look more modern.
  5. Apply some pressure. To your driveway, walkways, garage doors and siding, that is. Pressure washing can make a HUGE difference and instantly freshen up grimy, faded surfaces. If you don’t own one, ask a friend or neighbor, or rent one from your local home improvement store.
  6. Add some color. Choose one area to focus on, whether it’s your walkway or the area right up against your home. Head to your local nursery and buy enough shrubs or flowers to “refresh” the area, whether it’s lining your walkway with pretty tulips or planting a fresh row of azaleas by the bay window. You could also create an “entrance” to your walkway by planning pretty flowers on either side.
  7. You’ve Got Mail. What kind of shape is your mailbox in? Give it a good scrubbing, spray paint it, or replace it for a small detail that makes a big impact.
  8. Light the way. If the bulb in your front porch light has been out for weeks, now’s the time to replace it. And if your front porch light is very visible and very outdated, it might be worth swapping it out for a shiny new fixture.
  9. Clean it up. Mow the lawn. Replace overgrown bushes with leafy plants. Fill in bare spots with mulch or stones. Remove weeds and trim hedges and the grass around all walkways. You’re your home hits the market, you’ll need to keep it this way until the day you move out of your home.
  1. Add the finishing touches. A new welcome mat, colorful wreath or strategically placed Adirondack or rocking chair can help a buyer envision themselves on the front porch enjoying their favorite beverage.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Sell it Now series, and in the meantime, check out our post on things to do before every home showing.

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