Going the Distance
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1,106. That’s how many miles Belle and Ron Agronin were moving.

“At this stage in our lives,” says Belle, “I can’t even lift boxes and my husband has asthma, so we have to be careful.”

They didn’t know where to begin and how to organize their upcoming move. Luckily, they had the area’s leading experts in long-distance moves on their side. After Let’s Move helped them downsize from a 7,000-square-foot home to an active adult community several years ago, Belle and Ron knew they would never move without the help of Let’s Move again. So when they decided to make the permanent move from Baltimore, Md. to Naples, Fla., they didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

“Let’s Move did everything,” says Belle. “They packed, helped me decide what to move and where to move it and what to bring down here. They just organized us 100%.”

Let’s Move practically wrote the book on long-distance moves, and they were honored to help the Agronins take this next step in their lives. They quickly assembled a dedicated team of project managers, account managers and move managers and got to work, putting their unique multi-step process into action. It’s a process they’ve developed and perfected over time, and it begins with a thorough assessment of the Agronins’ future lifestyle and living space. Understanding their new space and how they planned to use it is key to proper rightsizing, space planning and preparation for the complex long-distance move ahead.

“Long distance moves are multi-faceted, involving many parts that must be project managed.  We are able to coordinate, track and manage all the moving parts as well as the multiple vendors,“ says Let’s Move Operations Manager Debbie Wegman. “With an out-of-state move, you don’t always have the luxury of doing both sides of the move. We have to always be thinking, ‘What will they need first and where will the items go?’”

This is where things can get tricky. Imagine receiving a truckload filled with moving boxes — and having no idea what’s in them or where they even go.

“We’ve been on the receiving end of out-of-state moves before and sometimes it’s a mystery game,” says Project Manager Mindy Lovalvo.

That’s why Let’s Move has developed a detailed color-coding and inventory system designed to help the person on the other end of the move — whether it’s the client themselves or a move manager — know exactly what’s in each box and where it goes. Every piece of furniture is given a number and color coded by room, as is every moving box (red for bedroom and green for kitchen, for example). The contents of each box are also detailed in an inventory log.

“Sometimes, clients like to have certain areas recreated, whether it’s an arrangement of art or a grouping of items on a shelf,” says Debbie Wegman. In this case, Let’s Move takes photos before they pack these areas up and include them along with the inventory log.

Belle and Ron’s situation is particularly unique because they are living in a temporary home in Florida until their Naples home is ready for move-in. So Let’s Move had to help them 1) pack for their short-term home and 2) pack most of their belongings for storage.

Belle and Ron will soon be moving from their interim home to their new home and the items they have in storage will soon be delivered. And even though she’s 1,106 miles away, Belle knows she can count on Let’s Move.  “I’ve asked Let’s Move if they could send the same move managers down to Florida to help me unpack,” says Belle. “They’ve become like friends. I would trust them with anything. We could not have done it without Let’s Move.”


Downsizing from a 7,000-square-foot home to a two-bedroom apartment was tough. Deciding to move from Baltimore, MD to Naples, Fla.? Belle and Ron Agronin weren’t sure where to even begin.

Belle and Ron
March 4, 2016
Baltimore, MD
Downsizing, Moving