Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Experiences, Not Things
Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Experiences, Not Things

Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Experiences, Not Things

Holiday gift giving and receiving makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. But occasionally, we’re all guilty of giving gifts (a.k.a. things), just for the sake of giving something. We could all stand to be more conscious of the items we bring into our own spaces — and those of others — and how they truly add to our lives. We think this year is a great opportunity to break the mold, and give experiences, not gifts. Here are a few holiday gift ideas that aren’t things.

  1. Annual Memberships
    It’s a gift experience that keeps giving year-round. Whether it’s a membership to a local museum, performing arts venue or amusement park, they’ll think of you every time they use it. If they happen to be active on social media, poke around on a page to see where they’ve checked in and what membership suits them best. Families with younger kids would likely love a membership to the local zoo, aquarium or children’s museum, while others may appreciate annual passes to the local theater or art museum.
  2. Movie Tickets
    Movie theater gift cards almost always go over well with people of all ages. Choose a theater that’s convenient to them and be sure to budget a little extra to cover their popcorn, candy and drinks.Pro tip: If you’re gifting movie ticket to parents, offer to watch the kids while they go out and enjoy the film.
  3. Restaurant Gift Cards
    Maybe there’s a restaurant you know they love — or a new place they’ve been wanting to try. Treat them to a culinary adventure, on you. And like with the movie ticket, offer to watch any young kids.
  4. Uber or Lyft Gift Card
    Everyone from college-age kids and young professionals, to grandparents will appreciate the convenience of a Lyft or Uber gift card. Next time they want to go out for a night out on the town or make it to a doctor’s appointment across town, they’ll be covered, without having to stress about driving and parking.
  5. Uber Eats Gift Card
    For the people who love to order in (and who doesn’t?), there’s nothing more exciting than an Uber Eats gift card. The Uber Eats app allows users to order food from nearby restaurants, directly from their phone. For busy professionals, parents with young kids and practically anyone else, it’s a convenience people will love to receive in their stocking.
  6. A Home Organization & Decluttering Package
    We may be biased — but it’s our favorite gift on the list. Not only will this gift not add to clutter—it’ll actually eliminate clutter. Sounds pretty merry to us. Yes, our home organization and decluttering packages make great holiday gifts for EVERYONE on your list, and they start at just $300 for four hours. From the new parents struggling to maintain order to your parents who may be downsizing to a smaller home. Check them out here!
  7. Beer or Wine Club Membership
    Gifts that are sure to be consumed means they’ll never add up to clutter — and it gives your recipients something to look forward to all year. There are beer and wine club memberships for every type of beer and wine lover, so just do your homework online to find the one they’ll like best.
  8. Sporting Event Tickets
    Take them out to the hockey, football or baseball game. Choose their sport of choice and send them to an upcoming game, on you.
  9. Classes or Workshops
    We all have dreams we’ve never taken steps to fulfill. Maybe your son has always wanted to pick up photography or your dad has always wanted to learn guitar. Or maybe your partner has been dropping hints that he or she would REALLY love to learn salsa or swing dancing. If you need ideas, browse Groupon or Living Social for deals and inspiration in your area.
  10. Donate in Their Name
    Another favorite non-thing gift idea on our list, is donating to an organization on behalf of someone you love. Maybe a friend lost someone they love to cancer or another disease. Donating to an organization in their name lets them know you’re honoring their loves one’s memory, while trying to help others.Pro tip: Check out Charity Navigator to make sure you’re giving to a worthwhile organization.

What’s on your wish list this year?

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