Create Your Vision Board for 2019 Now
Create Your Vision Board for 2019 Now

Create Your Vision Board for 2019 Now

Create Your Vision Board 2019

Do you have great big goals for 2019? Let’s make them happen.

Research shows that visualizing your goals is a much more effective way to make sure your goals are realized. A recent survey found that those who create a vision board that relates to their goals are almost twice as confident they’ll achieve them than those who don’t visualize their goals in some way. The good news for us is that it doesn’t take much time to create visual goals to help you feel the confidence you need to rock those goals this year, no matter who big or small they are.

Before you start, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Big poster board, corkboard or small canvas
  • Stack of magazines
  • Glue, thumbtacks, tape or pins
  • Markers

Step One: Brainstorm and Write Down Your Big Dreams and Goals

If you’re a fellow list lover, this should be easy. Turn on some music or just get in the zone, then spend at least 30 to 60 minutes really thinking about what a great 2019 would look like for you.

What are three things that would make next year amazing? What matters to you? Once you create your goals, go ahead and make them actionable (something you can actually accomplish in a certain amount of time).

Examples to inspire you:

  • Pay off a credit card bill by June 1
  • Put an extra $100 a month in savings
  • Save up for a trip to Italy by December
  • Organize one closet a week
  • Clear out the attic by March
  • Downsize to a smaller home by summer
  • Sell your home before the holidays

Bonus: Choose some ‘words” for your year. If you could choose 3 words to describe the ideal 2019, what would they be? Abundance? Organized? Family? Travel? Wealth?

Step 2: Get creative!

Find some pictures that will remind you of these goals and inspire you to stick with them. Browse magazines, your own photos, or use websites like Unsplash or Pexels to find free pictures that visually represent your goals. Print or cut them out (don’t forget to find your “words” for the year too).

Examples to inspire you:


  • If your goal is to lose weight, choose photos of a dress you love, the beach, delicious, healthy food, or even a photo of you at your ideal weight.
  • If your goal is a cruise, photos of clear blue water and margaritas may do the trick.
  • Paying off a credit card bill? The words FREEDOM or your target date might help keep you on track.





Pro tip: Pinterest is a WONDERFUL tool for this!

Step 3: Design your board.

On your poster board, corkboard or canvas, decide how each of your images and words will lay out. You can completely cover the background or leave some “white space” for a more zen-like feel. Have fun with this! Turn on your favorite music, pour yourself a nice beverage, and get creative.

If you want your board to look more polished, then consider using some scrapbooking supplies or use a Vision Board Kit.

Are you tech-savvy? You can create a board online using free templates like this one on Canva.

Step 4: Keep it visible.

Put your board where you’ll see it often, whether it’s your bedroom, the fridge, home office, or family command center.

Step 5: Hold yourself accountable.

Revisit your vision board once a month and make changes as needed. Keep a journal and track your progress toward each individual goal. Finally, tell someone about it. Sharing your goals brings accountability.

Do you have a vision board you’d love to share? Snap a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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