Conquering The Paper Mountain
Conquering The Paper Mountain

Conquering The Paper Mountain

Have you ever felt like you are drowning in paper? Stacks of old magazines, newspapers, mail, etc… can pile up quickly and make it difficult for you to sort and discard. Yvonne Quade, one of Let’s Move’s top Account Managers wrote this article for the Erickson Tribune to help as you’re “Conquering the Paper Mountain”:

“Where did all of this paper come from?”

Do you find yourself asking this question when looking at the piles of paper clutter throughout your home? Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, bills, and bank statements all add up to a mountain of paper. If the paper isn’t sorted and organized, it can quickly build up and overtake areas of your house.

There are many reasons we hold onto all of this paper. We may not be sure what to keep or how long to keep it. We may intend to read it later or pass it on to someone else. Lastly, we may not have the time to file it away or have a permanent place to keep things.

To quickly eliminate unwanted mail, open it next to your recycling bin. Toss out all of those pesky sales fliers and solicitations right away to avoid stacking them on your kitchen counter. Recycling is an easy way to purge papers that do not contain personal information like credit card or social security numbers.

Recycle all of your old newspapers and magazines. It’s a quick solution to begin clearing away some of the paper mountain.

Shred it and forget it

When dealing with paperwork, one of our favorite mottos at Let’s Move is “It’s never too early to start shredding.” Consider purchasing a small shredder for use in your home. They can be purchased at a local office supply store and are relatively inexpensive. Then, take advantage of local shredding events. Local communities, real estate agents, and other organizations often sponsor shredding events that are free to participants and local residents. There are shredding companies that will even come to your home and, for a fee, shred a large volume of paper.

Looking to bring order to your kitchen, laundry room or the whole house?