5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized Year-Round
5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized Year-Round

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized Year-Round

Organization isn’t a one-time project — it’s an ongoing practice and a shift in your mindset. The truth is, keeping your home clutter-free and your closets organized takes daily maintenance and thoughtful action. The pantry you organized last weekend won’t stay organized if you don’t put the salt back in its place every time you use it. The good news is a few minutes here and there can save you time in the long run and bring peace and efficiency to your everyday life.

  1. Put things back in their place immediately. This sounds SO simple, and yet we all fall victim to the “I’ll put it back later” mentality. But if you put that tape measurer back in the garage right after you use it versus putting it on the counter, not only will you know exactly where it is next time you need to use it, you’ll prevent other clutter from piling up around it. When unloading the dishwasher, take the time to put lesser-used items back in their hard-to-reach places, even if you feel like you don’t have time. (Tip: keep a footstool in the pantry so you can easily access higher cabinets and shelves). Likewise, when you’re cooking, put spices, utensils and other items back exactly where you found them. We promise you that being consistent about this one thing will change your life!
  2. Give Every Item a Thoughtful Homes. It’s a fact: Disorganization prevents us from being productive. If you’ve ever delayed mailing off a letter or RSVP response because you don’t know where you put the envelopes and stamps last time, you know exactly what I mean. Of course, there’s not a one size fits all approach to organizing a home. Instead, every belonging should be organized based on how it fits into your lifestyle. Store items you use on a daily basis in easy-to-access places so you’re more likely to put them back right away.
  3. Keep Paperwork Under Control. Rather than toss the day’s mail in a pile on the dining room table or entryway console, go through it and take action. Toss junk immediately, put coupons in a binder and take whatever action is necessary, whether it’s RSVP’ing to a wedding, paying a bill or filing it away.
  4. Set Reminders. Set monthly or quarterly reminders to take care of things around your home, whether it’s changing out air filters, ordering flea medicine for the dog or cleaning the gutters. Once a month, make a trip to your local donation center to keep unwanted items from piling up in corners of your home.
  5. Spend 20 minutes a Day Picking Up. Before you turn in for the night, spend 20 minutes picking up. Put the TV trays back. Clear the kitchen counters and wipe them down. Rearrange the throw pillows in the living room and put stray shoes in their places. Set a timer if you need to, but make this a daily habit to keep everyday clutter under control.

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