5 Reasons to Consider a Move Manager
5 Reasons to Consider a Move Manager

5 Reasons to Consider a Move Manager

If you’ve never heard of the term “move manager” or you’ve never considered hiring one, you’re not alone. For many people, moving means packing and unpacking themselves and hiring movers to do the heavy lifting. This works well for some. But depending on what stage of life you’re in, taking on the grueling process of moving may not be physically, mentally and/or emotionally possible. There’s a reason why statistics show that moving is the third most stressful event in life. If you’re going through the tedious process of buying and selling a house, in addition to juggling everyday life, managing a move can seem impossible. Where do you begin, and how do you find the hours in the day to box up your life and get it from point A to Point B in one piece? And once you’re at Point B, what box did you put the coffeemaker in again? Settling into a brand new house can be like putting together a puzzle without having a photograph to reference. But a move manager — the right move manager — can help paint the picture before a single box is packed. Even if you’ve never considered it before, here are five reasons you or someone you know might want to consider hiring a move manager for your upcoming move.

  1. You have young children. When you have young kids, more chaos is the last thing you need. As parents, we know how important routine is for everyone’s sanity. Skip the part where you’re trying to pack or unpack between naptimes and playdates. A move manager can help you go about your daily routine up until the day you move out without missing a beat. More important, they’ll work with you to get to know your routine and your new space, so that by the time you walk into your new home, you’ll fall right into your old routine without missing a beat. They’ll make sure your child’s favorite blanket and sippy cup are exactly where they should be.
  2. You’re expecting. Whether it’s your first child or your third, moving when you’re expecting can be exhausting. Between birth classes, doctor’s appointments, work and preparing for baby, squeezing in time to manage a move can cause unnecessary stress on parents-to-be. A move manager can not only take on the physical task of packing and unpacking, they can also help you make room for baby by helping you “purge” while you pack. This includes helping arrange for donating, selling or giving away furniture and other items that no longer fit your lifestyle. And of course, a move manager can also help you plan and set up a nursery in your new space.
  3. You’re downsizing. Maybe your kids recently moved out on their own or you’re relocating to a smaller home closer to the city. Either way, the process of downsizing and making sure everything fits in your new, smaller space can be overwhelming. A move manager can work one-on-one with you to review your new home’s floorplan, then go through your current home room by room to determine what will and won’t work in your new space. Your move manager will also help make arrangements for things you won’t take with you, whether it’s arranging for donations, delivering them to friends and family or selling items.
  4. You have a demanding job. If you work long hours or travel a lot, it can be impossible to find time to move. Chances are, you can’t take time off to move and get settled in. A move manager can manage every aspect of your move, including packing, unpacking, transferring services and waiting for the cable company on move-in day. A great move manager will even make sure your coffeemaker is set up so that when you rise and shine in your first day in your new home, all you have to do is hit “brew.”
  1. You have health issues. Moving is already stressful enough. If you recently had surgery, you have a bad back, or you just can’t lift things the way you used to, a move manager can take on the physical burdens associated with moving, so you can focus on taking care of yourself and settling into your new space. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, all the bending, lifting and squatting that comes along with moving might put you at risk for injury. Professional move managers do this day in and day out and are used to the physical demands of the job.

No matter what your situation may be, a move manager can help make the process of moving easier, more enjoyable and stress-free. We invite you to read some of our customer stories to see how we’ve made moving easier for our clients.

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