4 Creative Moving Announcement Ideas for the Holidays
4 Creative Moving Announcement Ideas for the Holidays

4 Creative Moving Announcement Ideas for the Holidays

What better gift to give yourself than a new home? Moving during the holidays can add a little excitement to an already busy holiday season. Spread a little cheer and share that you’ve moved with one of these creative moving announcement ideas.

  1. Send a Holiday/We’ve moved card.
    If you’ll be sending a holiday card this year, you may as well make it a moving announcement as well. There are lots of holiday card options that double as moving announcements. They have creative sayings, such as:

    “Our Christmas Tree Has a New Home”
    “We’re decking new halls”
    “Santa has a new stop”
    “Hold your reindeer. We’ve moved!”

    And that’s just the beginning. We love sites like Minted, TinyPrints and Zazzle, to name a few.

  2. Share it on social.
    For a social media announcement, stage a photoshoot in front of your home or holiday decor.

    Step 1: Grab three medium sized moving boxes and put red, blue or white bows on them.
    Step 2: On box #1, write “Tell Santa, It’s official” or “We’re moving.”
    Step 3: On box No. 2, write your current street, city or state. On the last box, write your new street, city, or state.
    Step 4: Then stack up the boxes in order, pose alongside them (preferable in matching holiday PJs!) and snap a photo.

  3. Sing a song.
    Better yet, borrow one. If you and your family are on the silly side, set up your phone, dress up in your holiday best or your matching family pajamas, and record yourselves in front of your new home singing, “We like to move it, move it.” Share it on social media (maybe you’ll even go viral!).
  4. Email it.
    We get it … often the thought of choosing a card, ordering them, writing out each envelope and mailing the all out can feel overwhelming. Luckily, it’s 2019, and there are some amazing digital options out there. Save on envelopes and postage and create an email moving announcement instead. Green Envelope specializes in online moving announcements and has special designs just for the holidays. Browse them here.

If you’re planning a move or cleanout this holiday season, we’d love to help you make it as stress-free as possible. For a complimentary quote, get in touch with us here. Happy Holidays, from your family to yours!

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