10 Gift Ideas for High School and College Grads (that they really want)
10 Gift Ideas for High School and College Grads (that they really want)

10 Gift Ideas for High School and College Grads (that they really want)

You want to show the special graduate (or graduates!) in your life how proud of them you are with a special gift … but you don’t want to give them a pen they’re bound to lose or a monogrammed towel they may not fully appreciate. Graduation gift should be meaningful, fun and practical. If you’re wondering what to gift your favorite grad, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas for high school and college grads that will fit any budget.

Gift Ideas for High-School Graduates:

  1. Create a College-Survival Kit.
    Include things they may forget when they pack to move into their dorm, like hand sanitizer, a small handheld broom and dish soap. Next, put in a few things that will help create a homey space in their dorm room, like framed photos of family, a fake terrarium, battery-operated Christmas lights, or a travel coffee mug. Finally, add in something personal like your favorite book, meaningful quote or a framed note of encouragement.
  2. Uber or Restaurant Gift Cards
    Everyone knows college kids are always just a bit short on extra cash. Restaurant gift cards will help make sure they don’t go hungry when it’s the end of the month, while an Uber will help them get around their new town safely and responsibly.  Consider places that have Wi-Fi, so they can grab dinner and study. Examples include: Starbucks, Panera, McAlister’s, or a local coffee shop.
  3. Laundry Kit.
    Complete with nice bath towels, detergent, stain remover, and a Ziploc bag filled with quarters. Full a stylish laundry hamper with all of these items and gift it!
  4. School Pride Bundle.
    They’ll thank you on game day! Browse the Internet for T-shirts, blankets, coffee mugs and other accessories that’ll get them pumped for Day One on campus. If you’re not sure what size or style they’d like, grab a gift card to the school’s bookstore or Amazon.com, and let them shop on their own.
  5. Single-Serve Coffee Cup Maker or Keurig. Even if they don’t drink coffee now, chances are they’ll start drinking coffee in college with those 8 a.m.classes!


Gift Ideas for College Graduates:

  1. Welcome Home Kit.
    If your favorite grad will be settling into their brand new apartment, create a welcome home kit filled with things you know they’ll need, but they may not want to buy themselves. Whether it’s cleaning supplies, kitchen accessories, or a set of dinnerware, anything to give them a head start will be much appreciated.
  2. A Smart Home Assistant.
    They’ll think you’re super tech-savvy, but best of all, a smart home assistant will help them stay organized with to-do lists, reminder settings and more.
  3. Single-Serve Coffee Cup Maker or Keurig
    Help them start each day with a little pep in their step—plus they’ll save a few bucks by bringing their coffee with them versus stopping for a $5 latte every morning!
  4. A Laptop Bag
    In most professions today, a laptop is a necessity. Replace their worn out backpack from college and get them a laptop bag that will make them seem oh-so-professional in the eyes of new employers.
  5. Shopping Day
    Give them a card for a coupon for a “shopping day” with you. Spend time with them picking out a new suit to interview in, or scrubs, or whatever “uniform” they are going to need next. Not only will this help them save money, it’ll be a wonderful memory you can both look back on.Bonus Gift!
    A Let’s Move gift card.
    OK, this one is for the grad and their parents, too. Whether you want to help them get settled in and unpacked to their new home, or organized once they move in, a block of 4 hours will help give them a major head start as they get settled into adulthood.

Need gift ideas for high school and college graduates? Grab some creative graduation gift ideas here. We've rounded up 10 gifts ideas that will make you a gift giving pro! | Let's Move LLC

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